We are committed to the sea and all its stakeholders, ie the ecosystem and its biodiversity, fishermen and consumers
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We value and promote local and lesser known species, selling sustainable fish boxes from Catalan fishing ports directly to the consumer
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The fishing techniques used by small vessels assure us a more responsible product that respects the environment, capturing only seasonal species and of adequate size, and thus without interfering with their reproductive cycle
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We organize guided tours of the barcelona fishermen's Guild for individuals or groups and schools. More information: www.barcelonaturismopesquero.com
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We raise consumer awareness through talks, workshops, cooking classes, show-cooking and participation in public events
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We organise workshops for children to introduce them to the wonders of the sea and its inhabitants in a simple and funny way
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We propose easy-to-cook fish recipes to promote a healthy and balanced diet for children and adults. By diversifying consumption of fish you can eat healthy without affecting the family economy
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We share and support a vision for a sustainable world and sea as a common heritage for the benefit and use of present and future generations
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Seas and oceans around the planet are over-exploited. As fish stocks are increasingly reduced, fish consumption is growing. What is the current state of exploitation of commercial species of the Mediterranean? Are there alternatives?
Is it possible to eat fish responsibly?

El Peix al Plat thinks so, that's why:

  • We comercialize fresh, local and seasonal fish boxes at an affordable price
  • We promote consumption of lesser known species to preserve marine biodiversity
  • We provide outreach activities to raise awareness on the responsible consumption of fish
  • We support innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the environmental impact across the life cycle of our service
  • We collaborate with national and international projects which support a responsible way to buy and consuming fish


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